Summer is here!
During Summer time, H20 Tech Irrigation will come to your property to maintain, upgrade, and install new features.  Listed below are the services we concentrate on during the Summer.


Repair fence posts, pickets, and sections

Install a new fence

Fix/install new gates

Apply a customized new stain

Lawn Maintenance and Upgrades:

Continue our lawn maintenance with mowing, trimming, and edging

Install a new or repair an older Sprinkler System

Create an updated landscape design

Install a new custom water feature

Tree Shrub Care Programs: 

Programs range from 4 to 6 applications. Each application includes examining trees and shrubs of less than twenty-five feet in height for insects, diseases, or other variables specific to your landscape. Applications are made to suppress or prevent insect and disease problems, without applying unnecessary pesticides into the environment.  We now offer treatment injections to save ash trees emerald ash bore Beetle. (provided by a licensed contractor)

What's Included:

•  Tree/ Shrub Insect and Disease Program
•  Insecticide or fungicide treatments for targeting of a specific pest or to protect specific trees or shrubs  (provided by a licensed contractor)
•  Fertilization to provide nutrition
•  Tree injections to protect against insects, disease, or provide nutrients, including EAB.  (provided by a licensed contractor)
•  Herbicide treatments to control weeds in landscape beds and tree rings  (provided by a licensed contractor)